In 1989, when I began working with my research mentor, Jerry Brown, I made a promise to myself; I (we) would build a substance use model that was more effective than what was available, was accessible to anyone anywhere in the world, and would be a model that they could afford. Well, at the end of 2023 that 34 year goal was accomplished with the fulfillment of creating the entire suite of products and services for affordable worldwide distribution of The Freedom Model to anyone in need.

Part of that effort was building an app that makes access to The Freedom Model Online Program easier, and completing the lessons therein more effective and efficient for the user. The app also provides significant discounts on some of our other programs and services if they’re needed by the user. Now anyone with a mobile device or computer has access to a proven addiction-help model with more than 3 decades of success behind it. 

So much “help” for substance users is massively overpriced, run by insurance company middlemen, and saddles you with a lifelong “disease” diagnosis. None of this makes any sense. In response, we developed the only addiction-help model that doesn’t label you, is affordable, won’t diagnose you or threaten your livelihood and reputation with a record of “being treated”; and it won’t render you broken and in need of lifelong “recovery”. It’s time to bring
The Freedom Model to the global masses and the Freedom Model Online Program mobile app is just one more way we are doing this.

For those who have not enrolled in the Freedom Model Online Program yet, you too can download the app, as it contains great free content including video lessons that will show you what the Online Program offers as well as some of our other services such as the Deprogramming from the 12 Steps Course, The Addiction Solution Podcast, our Private Coaching services, and more.

Click here to download your free Freedom Model Online Program App and get started on a completely refreshing way to move past your substance use problems for good! And don’t forget to give us a five star rating in the Google or Apple stores – it helps us continue to reach more people and save lives!

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