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What We Must Do

Consider this startling fact: addiction is the only health crisis with an inverted trendline — meaning, the more money that is invested in treatment, the worse the problem is getting.

Addiction is an enigma to many:

  • Is it a disease or a choice? 
  • Do people actually lose control, and if they do then how can they ever stop? 
  • Can addiction happen to anyone without warning or are there ways to prevent it?

With all of these questions there is one thing that is clear, throwing more money at current methods that are failing is NOT the answer. We are asking you to take a fresh look at the data, and at the completely unique, viable and cost effective solution we have laid out in The Freedom Model. We’re asking you to help us to spread the great news that there is a solution that will effectively end the addiction crisis and save millions of lives around the world, now and well into the future. 

The Freedom Model has now helped more than 25,000 people to solve their addictions and move on with their lives, and it’s time to share our solution with the world through the worldwide dissemination of The Freedom Model books, The Freedom Model Move Past Addiction Masterclass, The Freedom Model Online Program, and The Freedom Model Complete Addiction Solution Program. It’s time to replace the outdated and erroneous 12 step 1930’s era paradigm and it’s ineffective and sometimes harmful treatment offshoots!

If you want to learn more or if you are ready to join The Freedom Model Coalition then complete the form below. Upon completion you will receive a welcome email letter along with the complete Freedom Model Coalition Memorandum for your review. We look forward to having you join our team and changing how substance users and their families are helped worldwide! 

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