A Lifetime of Complete Freedom from Addiction!

All Donations are Tax Deductible.

In 1989, researchers Mark Scheeren, Michelle Dunbar, and Jerry Brown made a commitment to learn why so many people were failing in addiction treatment and 12 step programs. They had each experienced the ineffectiveness of the treatment system firsthand, and they then dedicated their lives to building the effective alternative.

Their dedication to their mission over the past 34 years has resulted in helping more than 26,000 people (as of today, October 2023) to free themselves from their destructive substance use problems and move on to lead happy and successful lives.

This mission has now become even more urgent! The results of nearly 90 years of teaching people the myth that they are powerless and diseased has been a significant contributing factor to the overdose crisis you see today! In contrast, we are actively providing to the world the factual and empowering information to reverse this trend through the following:

  • Distributing our revolutionary books for free, The Freedom Model for Addictions, Escape the Treatment and Recovery Trap, and Freedom Model for the Family across the world. We have provided more than 14,000 free copies internationally so far (Oct, 23), and with your donation we can continue this vital, life-saving, effort.
  • We provide our free live webinar called Move Past Addiction Masterclass every week to anyone who needs it.
  • To date we have provided more than $18 million dollars in program scholarships over our 34 year history to provide addiction-help programs to people in financial need struggling with addictions, ranging in age from 12 yrs. old to 82 yrs. old.
  • The result of all these efforts has been the distribution and evolution of the most successful substance use help model in the world (based on 3 independent success rate studies).

To continue our mission to bring effective solutions to anyone who needs it worldwide, requires funding. Know that your tax deductible donation will help us to save lives while also replacing the antiquated mythology of the addiction disease help model with evidenced-based solutions that have a proven track-record of success!

Simply put, The Freedom Model is the replacement for failed addiction treatment and 12 step industry.

All donations are 100% tax deductible


To provide people with an empowering path out of addiction, freeing them to move on with their lives!

The Freedom Model is a division of Baldwin Research Institute, Inc., a New York State 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit research corporation.

37 Prospect Sreet, Amsterdam, NY 12010 | Phone: (518) 842-2204

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