“We are looking forward to helping you! Let’s get rid of your confusion about substances and your relationship to them, and shed light on your fears and anxieties so you can move past them for good!”

-Freedom Model Co-Founders and Addiction Experts, 

Mark Scheeren and Michelle Dunbar

What is Freedom Model Coaching?

Let Mark, Michelle, and The Freedom Model Team guide you to total freedom!

Learn the revolutionary non-12-step approach to solving addiction, The Freedom Model for Addictions©

Completely private and tailored to fit your unique needs and goals

Completely non-judgmental, kind, and a compassionate approach

No record of being treated for addiction or mental illness

In-person and virtual coaching options available

34 years (2024) of coaching experience in the addiction-help space

Learn how to solve your issues without struggle, feelings of deprivation, and needless pain and anguish.

What is The Freedom Model?

The Most Effective Addiction-Help Model in the World

Highest Addiction-Help Success Rate in the World; Independently Verified

Originators of the Coaching Model for Addictions in 1989

Authors and Developers of The Freedom Model for Addictions: Escape the Treatment and Recovery Trap

Hosts of The Addiction Solution Podcast

The only addiction program in the world without steps, meetings, or endless recovery - just effective solutions that make logical sense


Freedom Model Coaching – Complete Addiction Solution Program

“As a person that has gone to numerous therapists, drug counselors, and psychiatrists I can say with confidence that the freedom model is different. Mark and Michelle did a better job of devaluing substances/depression in two days than years of therapy and counseling ever did. The program is focused on facts, and the fact of the matter is that you have control. The program did an amazing job of deconstructing much of the victim mentality and powerlessness that therapy had put on me. The evidence of the program proved that I am the one making my decisions, not a substance. This realization was both empowering and incredibly clarifying. I would recommend this program to anyone struggling with feeling powerless. Thanks for a great couple days!”


Freedom Model Coaching Program 

“The 2-day workshop was intense, illuminating, and totally life-changing for me. I will never see myself or alcohol the same way again! I spent more than 20 years in and out of AA feeling more and more like a failure and a loser every time I would go back to drinking. All that time I knew I wasn’t out of control, but each time I “relapsed” I felt more hopeless. After being beat up by sponsors, supposed AA friends, and even a few addiction counselors, talking with Michelle and Mark was a breath of fresh air. After listening to at least 100 episodes of their podcast I have to admit I was a bit nervous and star-struck when Michelle picked me up at the airport. But her genuine kindness was comforting. That first day of the workshop what struck me the most was for the first time ever when discussing my problems, I didn’t feel judged!!! I have spent thousands on rehabs, therapists, and various treatment programs and all it ever did was make me feel bad about myself and send me back to AA where I would sit in meetings wishing I was somewhere else. The Freedom Model Coaching Program has been the very best investment I have ever made. I don’t hate myself anymore! And I will never struggle with drinking ever again! 


12 Step Deprogramming Course

“Love the deprogramming seminars! I have attended thousands of AA meetings since 1989 and I have long felt uneasy about the program.  But that’s all there was.  I’m so glad that Michelle and Mark have taken on debunking AA myths.  It’s so refreshing and enlightening.  


Freedom Model Coaching Program 

“When I began the program I felt completely helpless, that I could not control substance use once I started, that I had a life long illness, was different than other human beings, and felt that it was nearly impossible to get my life on track and maintain it. Following the completion of the Freedom Model Coaching Program I now know and believe that I have full control over my decisions and that I base them on what’s going to make my life better in turn making me happy. I no longer buy into the disease model of addiction/alcoholism which allows me to feel the freedom I’ve always wanted. I’m truly ready to close the chapter of my life involving heavy substance use and am ready to get my life back on the track I saw for myself as a young kid and teenager.”


Freedom Model Coaching Program

The Freedom Model Coaching Program helped me feel relaxed and in control.

I have control of the choices I make, and the substance does not.


 Freedom Model Book 

“Revolutionary! Common sense. Logic. And facts – a whole bunch of them! As a family physician, I recommend this to anyone with a drug or alcohol problem. I would even encourage those with gambling issues, sex addictions, or any problem that has them feeling hopeless to read this. It will change your perspective and your life.”

Dr. Johnston

12 Step Deprogramming Course

“Super Informative! I’ve been in AA over 20 years and didn’t know much of this information. I just followed blindly. All of this makes it easier for me to move forward, confidently without the ideology and mythology that I need it. I also feel educated enough to speak to other members that I have established long-term relationships in the program about why I am leaving if they want to get in a debate. I truly feel freer walking away.”


Freedom Model Coaching Program

Awesome program! I hope to work as a coach for The Freedom Model at some point. Thank you!


It’s time for you to put these struggles behind you for good!

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