Our Relationship to Addiction

TedX Talk – Steven Slate

TedX Talk – Our Relationship to Addiction

The Freedom Model takes a revolutionary approach to substance use that dispels the fear-based myths of “addiction” to truly free substance users from “addiction”, “relapse”, and “recovery”. The Freedom Model addresses how beliefs shape substance use behavior, expectations, and outcomes. For the first time, there is a completely self-directed, self-correcting permanent solution to addiction that holds no person slave to a particular program, belief, or outcome. At a time when only 1 in 10 people get treatment for addiction, how is it possible the 90% who don’t get treatment overwhelmingly do better and end their addiction while 67% of those who do get treatment get worse? Steven Slate explains how the “playground effect” has an impact on not only how we perceive substance use but also on the type of help we provide for those struggling with substance use issues in this must watch TedX talk.


Learn how you can solve your addiction for good working privately with a certified Freedom Model Coach!  We have been coaching people on solving their addictions since 1989. Click here to learn about our Freedom Model Coaching today or call us at  888-424-2626. 

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