Introduction to The Freedom Model Research

Research for The Freedom Model began nearly 40 years ago in the early 1980’s. At that time the addiction disease model was spreading across the globe but was largely limited to the substance-using demographic. Since then, researchers began seriously questioning the drug and alcohol disease model (and later the brain disease model), and a brave few completely debunked it and wrote about it. We have cited many of them throughout our comprehensive book on the subject, The Freedom Model for Addictions: Escape the Treatment and Recovery Trap.

PMO and the Addiction Disease Model

However, “porn or sex addiction” or PMO (porn, masturbation & orgasm) as it is sometimes referred to, when seen as a disorder or a disease of the brain, is a relatively new idea (when compared to the 80+ year substance use addiction disease model). While it hasn’t been officially labeled as a disease or disorder yet (2024), the writing is on the wall that it will be given the same inaccurate label and classification soon. There is too much money to be made by big pharma and the rehab industries in “treating” a problem of this kind to let it stay seen as the self-created habit it is.

The Impact of Increased PMO Habits

To be expected, the trend of increased problematic PMO habits coincides directly with the universal surge in the public’s exposure to internet pornography and other troubling international geopolitical problems such as human sex trafficking, child pornography, and forced prostitution being normalized in Western civilization, just to name a few. While PMO and extreme sex habits are nothing new (think ancient Rome here), the distribution channels for the content are more efficient than in ancient times making the exposure more culturally and globally universal.

Misleading Theories and Solutions

Regrettably, the increase in PMO issues throughout societies has been, and is, amplified by the same addiction and recovery mythology that the substance use arena already wrestles with: the false addiction disease theory, the various misleading hijacked brain theories, the disempowering addict self-image, bastardized moralism that implements destructive shaming and fear-mongering, the self-limiting abstinence-only deprivation approaches, unneeded residential and IOP behavioral addiction treatment, harmful 12-step cult memberships, among many other inappropriate ideas, therapies and proposed “solutions”. Most all of these just bring deeper confusion, pain, false hope, and eventual hopelessness to the table.

The Freedom Model for PMO and Sex Addiction

While there are many similarities and parallels to be made between substance use habits and PMO habits, nuance with any specific class of habit matters if one is to move past it permanently. This is why we’ve decided to create our newest project, The Freedom Model for PMO and Sex Addiction as well as new courses specific to PMO issues. We will not only debunk the various myths that are keeping you hostage in your PMO habit, but we will also make the path to moving past them thorough, understandable, and most importantly, effective. Understanding the nuance of your issue is the only way this can happen. In our new book and programs we will review and debunk the following myths:

  • The hijacked serotonin/dopamine theory (the “brain disease”)
  • The argument that everyone feels the need for orgasm, and that everyone finds orgasm and/or sex inherently pleasurable
  • That once you’ve found the repetitive imagery of pornography pleasurable and valuable, that regular sexual performance is destroyed temporarily and in some cases, for good
  • That you must feel guilty and shameful about your sexual preferences and fetishes
  • That PMO habits will inevitably lead you to “darker” forms of pornography and that you will end up a “monster”
  • That you are an “addict” and that you’re “addicted”
  • That you (and everyone who engages with pornography or socially unaccepted fetishes) need formal “treatment”
  • That you are broken and something is wrong with you
  • …and more
How-To Guides

There are many other topics that do not address the need for debunking but rather require a discussion in general. We call these the How To’s. How to let go of shame and guilt, how to deal with morality in regards to my PMO habit, how to move on with life after your problem is solved, how to determine if abstinence is preferable to moderation or vice versa, and more.

Moving Forward with The Freedom Model

We look forward to continuing to coach people struggling with PMO issues and showing them that they are completely capable of permanently moving past their problematic habits. If you would like to be added to the mailing list where we will be announcing the date for the publishing of the book as well as the launching of The Solution to PMO Addiction Workshop, simply download The Freedom Model Mobile App at Mobile App, or email us directly at If you’d like to get coaching right away to help you move past your PMO struggle, call us at 1-888-424-2626 or email us at the address above. We look forward to showing you how to find freedom and move on with your life!

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