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The Freedom Model Affiliate Program

The Freedom Model for Addictions was designed specifically to “teach itself”. A huge effort went into that goal. We wanted to make sure anyone with a drinking or a drug problem could easily understand exactly how to move past their addiction, avoid the treatment trap, and do both at a cost-effective price while in the comfort of their home. (Of course, if the individual needs a greater level of help than that, we have our private instruction options as well as our residential retreat options – Based on the public’s reaction since publishing in November 2017, we can say with assurance that we met that goal. Many have had fantastic results of applying the lessons contained in the book, and have recommended the book to others. We also get calls asking for bulk pricing to make it easier to provide books to their friends and families. In light of this enthusiastic response, we have created the Freedom Model Affiliate Program.

If you or someone you know wants to be a part of bringing The Freedom Model message to others, you can purchase the books at a discount price and pass on the bulk savings to those in need, or sell them at a higher cost and make some profit on your efforts. Our mission is simple – we know that if The Freedom Model is provided to those in need, and they read it, they will never see addiction the same again – and they can finally be truly free.

To make an order for a Discounted Bulk Purchase, call Mr. Ryan Schwantes, BRI Publishing at 1-888-424-2626 or email us at

Paperback Bulk Sales Information for Affiliates

Shipping charges are additional and are based on location. You can contact BRI Publishing to calculate shipping charges based on your location. Keep in mind that BRI Publishing does not profit in any way from shipping charges as they are determined by the distributor. We will simply add the shipping charges at cost.

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A place to learn how to solve your addiction and be part of a community of people who want to better understand their new-found freedom. We know firsthand that you may feel alone as you break free and deprogram from the addiction recovery world. FMI is where you can fully unplug from the addiction disease and recovery matrix for good! Let’s learn how to be free together.

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