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When we were thrust into addiction treatment and AA 35 years ago we were told by treatment providers to go to AA where we were told by the old-timers, “Do what we did and you’ll get what I got!” First of all, I’m not even sure that I want what you have? And second, you don’t even know me! How could you possibly know what I need to solve my problem?! The answer is, you can’t, because everyone is unique!  Therefore everyone’s pathway to freedom is unique as well!

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  1. Randall H.

    I could not agree more. I spent 5 years in SA 12-step meetings. I was shamed for wanting to get out of a bad marriage that I could see was helping trigger my desire to act out. I got a divorce and the destructive compulsion aspect of sex melted away. It was driven by the dynamic between my ex and I. 12-steps did nothing but make me feel like a failure.

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