The Freedom Model Coalition

What is it, and why would you want to participate?

Let me start by wishing you a Happy New Year! 

Over the past 34 years, we have received consistent correspondence from the public asking us what they can do to help spread the word about The Freedom Model and the non-12 step, non-treatment-based method it teaches. Those asking are usually the family members or friends of people who have been helped by The Freedom Model services we provide, or are people who know something is amiss in the recovery world and are seeking a better alternative. 

In the past, we would simply let them know the best way to promote the ethos of personal freedom and empowerment was through helping us to distribute our book and also participating on our social media platforms in the Freedom Model Facebook Group and various other Freedom Model Facebook pages, as well as Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, and also through promoting our podcast, The Addiction Solution Podcast. All of this has certainly helped us reach more people, as our social media presence has increased dramatically as a result, and our podcast is now over 300,000 downloads and is continuing to grow with a 5 star rating. 

While this general answer provided a direction, we decided to create a more pointed method of providing our life-saving information to anyone asking to promote it. We did this by creating an international community called the Freedom Model Coalition. Individuals join the coalition by clicking on the following webpage, and fill out the form. In doing so, they join like minded people, philanthropists, and what we call laymen researchers (as well as formally trained researchers), in accessing the Freedom Model Coalition Memorandum document. Once you access the webpage, join the Coalition and then receive your copy of the 22 page Memorandum, you can then forward that document to anyone interested in knowing the truth about substances in our society, how the treatment and recovery industry has gone horribly wrong, and how The Freedom Model is the 21st century replacement for the antiquated and ineffective 12 step model still being used in most recovery models today. The memorandum provides informative charts, important statistics, the Freedom Model’s history, the founder’s profiles, thoroughly grounded explanations of the research, and a detailed description of how the Freedom Model can upend the disastrous results we are currently seeing in the recovery world today.  

If you would like to access your copy of the Freedom Model Coalition Memorandum, please click the link above, join our community, and forward the memorandum to anyone interested. While this may seem like a small step, to the person’s life that may be saved by receiving this information, it means the world!

Let’s start 2024 with bringing proven solutions to substance users and their families worldwide! 

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