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I’m sure you’ve heard advertising and public service messages that say: “Addiction treatment works.” Have you ever stopped to think about what these treatment proponents mean when they say “it works”? Addiction treatment is all based on a “Control Model” meaning, the primary goal of treatment is to stop people from making their own decisions with respect to substances (and many other life choices.) Steven Slate, Michelle Dunbar, and Mark Scheeren explain the underpinnings of the control model, what is meant by the claim, “treatment works”, and why it fails miserably at helping move past their substance use problems.

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  1. Ian Herron

    I’m out of it now thankfully But it Makes me angry that the system does so much damage to the individual. This is what happened to me.

    Another good discussion I really appreciate that your progressing an opposing approach. Ian Liverpool x keep on keepin on team freedom x

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