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The authors of The Freedom Model for Addictions are members of a few closed Leaving AA and Deprogramming groups online, and one of our readers posted a great question in the group: How long did it take to deprogram from the cult, meaning AA or other 12 step groups. In this podcast, Freedom Model co-authors Mark Scheeren and Michelle Dunbar talk about their personal experiences deprogramming and also their experiences helping others to do the same.


  1. Robert "BobbyC" Cirillo

    36 years uncovering recovery and discovery @mytruthaboutAA and life I was able to connect the dots to Uncover the perfect hierarchy pyramid scheme. My story is similar but different by Beliefs are similar but different. Discovering the Power of Choice and understanding that I am the creator of my destiny that’s the freedom. I would love to be able to do a podcast with both of you to share my Journey of Deprogramming.

  2. Martin

    Hello thanx for your talk ther! I came into a, a, in September 1984! I was 22 years old an I had a severe alcohol problem at that time! I drank a couple of times after coming into a,a, from September till December of that year an I took my last drink then on Xmas eve 1984 an have been sober ever since! A. A saved my life an my sanity in the early years an I got deeply involved more or less from the start in Service work chairing meetings gsr etc etc etc! I’ve been wanting to leave a, a, now for years as I feel I have overstayed my welcome ther a long long time ago but find it extremely difficult to do so prob because of the indoctrination I’ve been used to over all them years! I don’t fear if I leave I may drink its more a psychological addiction I seem to have in going to metings that I find hard to break away from! I feel now my alcohol problem has been solved a long time ago an I don’t fear I would be in danger of drinking if I left a. a. Its just the grip a. a has over me in my mind! Manys a time in the last 10 or 15 years or so in going to meetings I didn’t want to be ther an I would have been looking at the clock during the meeting wishing the time to pass so that the meeting would end an I could get out of ther but I still couldn’t stop myself from going as it was so inprogrammed in to me to go build up over all them years! I feel I’ve wasted a lot of my life just running to meetings over the years an I would have a lot of regrets about that now! I’m 58 now hav’nt been married an my only so called acquaintances has been my so called a, a, companions! I am sick an tired of a. a an i would like to get away from continually having to go ther an to break free from the addiction of meetings an the whole nonsense of it all! Could you help me to attain that please. Yours respectfully Martin O’!eary!

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