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In today’s podcast, Episode 42, our team discusses Cannabis use. For those struggling with heavy marijuana use, finding a solution to their problem can be challenging. The push for legalization, while a step in the right direction, has led to an overabundance of pro-cannabis propaganda claiming it to be a cure-all with no downsides. Anti-legalization groups invoke their own propaganda stating that like other drugs, cannabis has the power to enslave people and lead to all kinds of problematic behaviors and health issues. Listen as The Freedom Model team breaks down the truth about cannabis and provides information on how to solve and move past any behavior that has become problematic for you.


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  1. Karen Phillips

    Hello… I’ve been smoking for over 30 years and I’m only just starting to see that it’s not giving me what I want I have struggled for years with it until I got comfortable with myself smoking it and I’ve only just started to see it for what it is and it is a lie it doesn’t do what I’ve been telling myself it does all these years.

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