Solve Your Addiction for Good

and Move on with Your Life! 


33 Years of Providing the Effective, Proven, Non-12 Step Solution to Addiction


Freedom Model Coaching

One-on-One Video Sessions with your Freedom Model Certified Coach to guide you through the Freedom Model Program

Work through The Freedom Model Program at home, at your pace, and on your schedule with your certified Freedom Model Coach. All sessions are completely private via video conference.  Learning The Freedom Model Program from the privacy of home or office is a powerful and logical step for those who need more help understanding and applying the Freedom Model to their life.

private instruction

Freedom Model Online Program

Learn The Original Non 12 Step Solution to Addiction from the comfort of your own home without Endless Recovery, Meetings or Rehabs!

You get monthly access to to The Freedom Model’s Online Program, consisting of more than 20 Hours of Video classes encompassing 65+ lessons, digital books and audiobooks, plus monthly Live Q&A’s, a monthly newsletter, new weekly video lessons, and our Deprogramming Series.  More than 25,000 people (as of 2022) from around the world have gained freedom from the addiction and recovery trap with The Freedom Model’s revolutionary non-12 step program.


Freedom Model Books & Audiobooks

Do you want an addiction – a lifelong diagnosis –or do you want to see yourself as having a habit you can solve completely? The answer to that question tells you if The Freedom Model is the answer for you.

The Freedom Model approach with its revolutionary message and extensive research guides you on an empowering path to total FREEDOM without the limitations of treatment and/or recovery.

By dispelling the common addiction myths, you will:


Move Past Addiction Easily

Alcohol and Drugs do not have power over you

Realize Addiction IS NOT a Disease

ADDICTIONS are habits and you have the power to change them

Understand that You Do Not Need Treatment

Treatment Doesn’t Work and has worse long term outcomes than doing nothing at all*


Shake the Very Foundations of Current Addiction Beliefs

Break Free!

Deconstruct the myths and lies behind addiction treatment and the commonly held misinformation surrounding addiction.

The Freedom Model contains all the information needed to reject the limitations of the recovery lifestyle and its “white knuckle” feelings of deprivation, fear and anxiety.

The Freedom Model is the answer millions like you have been waiting for:


No More Support Meetings!

Completely Non-12 Step


No More Degrading Labels!

Never be called an Addict or Alcoholic Again


No More Excuses!

Put the power back where it belongs – within YOU

Take Control of Your Life End Addiction Today

Different in Every Way Possible

We Mean That – Don’t Be Controlled Anymore!

The Freedom Model doesn’t do anything to you. It’s not treatment, medicine, or therapy. It doesn’t label you an addict or alcoholic. It doesn’t claim you have a disease. Above all, it never takes your freedom away.

The Freedom Model will clear away the difficulty in seeing how efficiently you are able to change your habits – and do so without feeling deprived, anxious, or fearful.


Exposes Treatment!

How Treatment Manipulates Society, our Culture, and even…You


Ends Guilt and Shame!

Stop Guilt, Shame, Resentment, Deprivation, and Cravings Easily…      Yes,  Easily


Helps You Escape the Addiction Trap!

Break Free from the “Relapse and Recovery” Cycle Forever

Designed to Unleash Your Full Potential

So You Can Move on with Your Life; Happy, more Fulfilled, and Free

Developed to provide you with the facts. You’ll learn the false beliefs behind the addiction and recovery trap. Once you’re provided with the true scientific facts and research, it’s very easy for you to recognize your path to total freedom.

The Freedom Model is designed to dramatically transform your thinking, broaden your beliefs beyond your current self-limiting choices, and put you once again at the helm, steering your life forward.



Destructive Habits and Counterproductive Decision Making



Your Life Choices to Meet Your Dreams



Your Power of Choice through your Free Will

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3- Hour Live Exclusive Online Event

Learn how you and your loved one can solve addiction for good, without ongoing struggle, rehabs, family counseling, or 12 step meetings!

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