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Personalized, Private Help For The Family

Why The Freedom Model For The Family Workshops?

Learn more effective ways to communicate with the substance user and with each other
Improve your relationships
Learn solutions to your own struggles including: habitual, negative thinking, depression, anxiety and emotional struggles, habitual behavioral issues: drinking, smoking, overeating, procrastination, etc.
Learn a definitive solution to addiction

Helping Families With An Addicted Loved One

Personalized, Private Help For Families

Loving someone who is addicted to drugs and/or alcohol can be frightening and heartbreaking.

It seems everyone has an opinion on what you should do, but the truth is, no one can actually know what is right for you and your specific situation.

When you suspect your loved one has a problem, what’s most important is that you don’t panic! Thousands of people have been where you are and have found a solution with The Freedom Model.

You can help your loved one and simultaneously improve your own life.

We Help Families that…

  1. Feel powerless to help their loved one or friend who is struggling with addiction.
  2. Are unsure how they can help their loved one.
  3. Have a loved one that doesn’t feel they have a problem or does not want to change.

How We Can Help You –

The Freedom Model for the Family Workshops

We have options to help you through any situation. We can come to your location and guide you through the Freedom Model for the Family Workshops to help you navigate through these difficult situations to find peace and a solution for your loved one. We provide solutions to difficult situations – that’s what we do!

Who are we?

Freedom Model Co-Author and Co-Founder Mr. Mark Scheeren, Freedom Model Co-Author and Executive Director, Ms. Michelle Dunbar and Freedom Model Co-Author and Research Fellow, Mr. Steven Slate have 30 years experience helping the addicted population and their families find solutions for addiction issues.

Whether your loved one has been struggling with addiction for many years, or you’ve just learned your adolescent is using pot, pills or heroin, or you have a co-worker that needs help, The Freedom Model for the Family Workshops can provide you with accurate information so you can make decisions rooted in facts.

The primary goals of The Freedom Model for the Family Workshops are:

  • To provide you with factual, research-based information about substance use and addiction;
  • To alleviate any anxiety, guilt and shame you may be feeling;
  • To help you to build a plan of action based on informed decisions, and what is best for you and your family specifically.



Information Based On Research

Providing you with factual, research-based information about substance use and addiction


Peace of Mind

Alleviating any anxiety, guilt and shame you may be feeling


Moving Forward

Helping you to build a plan of action based on informed decisions, and what is best for you and your family specifically

Download Our Free E-Book Today!

This short e-book will provide you, the parents, caretakers or loved ones of substance users, with factual information that you won’t hear anywhere else. With it, you will begin to see a way to help your loved one get past their problem. We know it’s hard dealing with such a confusing and scary issue. But you are not alone. We will show you how to get the help your loved one needs!

By calling out the rampant misinformation and lies surrounding drugs, alcohol and addiction, this e-book will provide you with information that will quell your fears and allow you to make a decision based on facts rather than panic. 

We have kept this e-book short, and addressed each important point directly and succinctly, so we encourage you to read through it fully. This e-book takes a few important points from our complete texts which are available both in digital format and in paperback; and we offer a full array of personalized, private, professional services. You can get more information about our books and services at And you can reach us at 888-424-2626 or at

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