Who is The Freedom Model For?

It will Set You Free

The Freedom Model will set you free from addiction and recovery – the two constructs that keep people feeling trapped, hopeless, and in pain. No self-help book or program available today can make the same claim to free you from both these states of mind. The reason is simple – treatment, rehabs, and other addiction help believe that addiction is something you must forever fight and recovery is a state of continuing in this lifelong battle. All other models keep you immersed in this addiction and recovery trap.

The Freedom Model offers you an effective permanent solution by showing you the way out of the addict/alcoholic identity that keeps you trapped in a struggle against the mythical disease of addiction. You can’t be truly free from the addiction/recovery cycle if you still believe addiction is something that happens to you. That’s exactly why you should read The Freedom Model – we’ll prove to you addiction is a choice and even the most dramatic of habits can be reversed or modified easily once you dispel the myths that surround it.

You must read The Freedom Model if you want to:

  • Grow past the entire addiction/recovery cycle completely and attain true freedom
  • Move on from your struggle and past the pain of addiction, and do so easily
  • No longer define yourself as an “alcoholic” , an “addict”, or a person “in recovery” – these are negating labels, not who you are
  • Know the truth about whether addiction treatment works or not
  • Explore the failures of the treatment industry to avoid rehab scams and questionable treatment methods
  • Discover the damaging myths rehabs and 12 Step programs are selling people
  • Stop taking replacement therapy drugs and make your best decision, using the latest results oriented research , before you consult with your doctor on MAT (medication assisted treatment)
  • Eliminate the need for perpetual recovery, ongoing therapy, or expensive, time consuming aftercare
  • Not be held hostage to a lifetime spent in 12 Step or other support meetings
  • Adjust your level of substance use – whether you make the choice to moderate or abstain

You must read The Freedom Model if you believe any of these Addiction and Recovery Myths:

  • You believe you are an “alcoholic” or an “addict” or there are “real addicts and/or alcoholics”
  • Substances are inherently addictive and people experience “a loss of control” when using substances
  • Addiction is a medical or brain disease based condition
  • Underlying causes of addiction, including trauma, stress, depression, and anxiety, compel you to use substances and lead to addiction
  • You are triggered to use by outside factors, circumstances, people, and/or situations
  • You will always use substances and you believe this preference can, and will, never change
  • Drugs or alcohol make you more charismatic, beautiful, stronger, weaker, more aggressive, less aggressive, more sexual, less sexual, more relaxed, less relaxed, etc., and  you needthem for these purposes
  • Cravings just happen to you uncontrollably
  • Recovery is essential to stave off cravings
  • You must surrender to God or a “Higher Power” to stop using drugs and alcohol Serving others is essential to stay “clean and sober”
  • You will always need support or 12 Step meetings to stay away from drugs and alcohol
  • Once a line gets crossed in substance use, some people can never moderate their rates of consumption if they begin drinking or drugging again

And many more

DON’T  read The Freedom Model if you want:

  • To have a rough and painful period of your life define you and the rest of your life
  • To be subjected to a puritanical, moralizing approach that uses shame to try to motivate you into sobriety
  • To see yourself as a monster or horrible sinner who needs a complete moral reform
  • To be a victim of the imaginary disease of addiction instead of an empowered, informed decision maker determining your path forward
  • To be coddled or let others rule your life and tell you what to do
  • To be institutionalized and live in the subservient role of the addict patient
  • Excuses to continue substance use at a level that is destroying your life
  • Reasons to continue to “relapse” or struggle for the rest of your life
  • To make recovery the main focus of your life and daily activities instead of truly living

The Freedom Model offers a solution, and we want to get it into the hands of people who want and need solutions. It is for those who want to make their own choices to reach greater happiness and enjoyment in their life. Ultimately, read The Freedom Model so you have all the information necessary to move past addiction and recovery and find complete freedom from both.

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