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The Freedom Model produces original video content, discussing a wide variety of topics relating to addiction, recovery and treatment. 

We post our original video content on YouTube weekly. To subscribe to our YouTube channel and view our latest videos, please click the link below. We’ve also included our video playlists below. 

Freedom Model for the Family

This playlist includes videos specifically for families or friends with a  provide a loved one struggling with addiction. For more information on our Family Workshops, please click on the link below.

Freedom Model Television and Movie Reviews

This playlist offers our reviews and critiques on television and film. Addiction experts Michelle Dunbar, Mark Scheeren and Steven Slate discuss myths, accurate depictions and more. Hear more from the Freedom Model co-creators listen to the Addiction Solution Podcast. 

Freedom Model Live Broadcasts

We do live broadcasts on Facebook every two weeks. Mark Scheeren, Michelle Dunbar and Steven Slate answer questions and discuss topics regarding addiction, recovery and treatment. For more of our upcoming events, visit the click on the tab below. 

Words From Past Guests

Here are a few testimonials from some of our past guests at The Freedom Model Retreat. The Freedom Model Retreat offers a 4-week, all-inclusive program with one-on-one instruction. For more information on The Freedom Model Retreat, click below. 

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