Addiction Experts and
Readers Agree…
“It is Revolutionary”

The Key to Freedom From Addiction

Stanton Peele


 “Steven Slate, Mark Scheeren and Michelle Dunbar have created an indispensable guide through the labyrinth of claims about the nature of addiction to explain how this understanding leads to resolution of addiction and to overcoming it. Indeed, their thoroughly grounded scientific exploration of “the meaning of addiction” IS the basis for such personal resolution. To know that your enemy is not only your addiction, but, more importantly, how you think of it, is the key to freedom from addiction. And no volume in the world can put you in a better position for this resolution than The Freedom Model.

No Program Is This Motivational Remarkable

Peter Venturelli


“The Freedom Model is remarkable in that it provides information specifically designed for self-directed change. In going through the educational process, each person gains knowledge and the information necessary to move past the addiction and recovery constructs. Essentially, they are freed from both! They are then able to face any future struggles with confidence, strength, and hope for a better future.”

Truly a Genuine 


“The Freedom Model is well aligned with Positive Psychology and Neuropsychology, each offering dramatically new and promising possibilities for rewarding personal change. These exciting developments consistently emphasize neuroplastic qualities of the human brain and our immense capacity for adaptability and creativity. We are always changing, making the opportunity for positive personal growth a genuine alternative at any moment in our life.

It is our opportunity to define what is right for ourselves.… Would we want it any other way?”

“This book was what I needed to read!”

“This book is Amazing! I’m not exaggerating here Mark. (I spoke with author Mark Scheeren over the phone – when does that happen!) I never could buy into the 12 steps. None of that made sense to me. This does. It’s not just logical, its researched too. I’m bringing it to my mandated therapist today…I cannot wait to see his face as he reads it!”

“I completed the Freedom Model Private Instruction with Steve. All I can say is that it worked. I was seriously sick and tired of AA and NA meetings and all that goes with that. This was clear and made sense, where nothing else did.”

“Revolutionary! Common sense. Logic. And facts – a whole bunch of them! As a family physician, I recommend this to anyone with a drug or alcohol problem. I would even encourage those with gambling issues, sex addictions, or any problem that has them feeling hopeless to read this. It will change your perspective and your life.”
Dr. Johnston

“As a professional, I needed something that made sense. Rehab didn’t. Meetings didn’t. I had a suicide attempt, got out of the hospital and then a few days later, I found a copy of The Freedom Model in my wife’s car. I’m writing to tell you that I made a call to their headquarters and then completed the Private Instruction option and it saved my life – literally. To Mr. Slate, Mr. Scheeren, and Ms. Dunbar I want to say thank you. More people need to read this, and I hope it gets in everyone’s hands who needs it.”

“Steve, Mark and Michelle…thank you for writing this. Also, thank you for taking my call when I needed help with my daughter. As a parent that has sent their child to 4 rehabs, and only watched my daughter get worse, this was a big step for me. I had to keep an open mind, and allow for the possibility that treatment really was the culprit in my daughter’s worsening condition with heroin. Now I know why. The Freedom Model was completely illuminating and at points shocking in how clear you make things. Best of all, my daughter read it, wanted more, went to St. Jude’s in NY, and has been successful. To a certain degree I was skeptical. I’m not anymore. Thank you!”

“If you are looking for a place to change the way you think, the actions you take and your relationship with drugs or alcohol than this is the place for you. The opposite of a traditional rehab experience, St Jude’s and its Freedom Model start with a simple premise- there is nothing inherently wrong with you. No illness or disease, no lifelong problem that will hang over you till the day you die, but rather a simple misunderstanding- that all the benefits you have perceived from drinking or drugging are illusionary. They are in your mind and they proceed to unpack all the myths associated with drinking or drugging and boil it down to some simple facts- one, you have free will and are actively choosing to drink. Two you have an autonomous mind that only you control and can be taught that these perceived benefits you have associated with drinking are simply not true. And third, that you drink or drug because you BELIEVE it is making you happy and in reality it does not, at least not in the way you are drinking or drugging now- or else why are you reading this? Once they teach you this and unshackle you from all the recovery BS you will have a revelation- that this is all in your control and that if you want to change you always can. It’s that simple. The combination of one on one instruction and fact and science based statistics will time and time again reinforce this critical concept. I can honestly say this changed my life. Not just my unhealthy relationship with drinking- but all aspects of my life. It left me a better educated person and as a result a better husband, father, worker and person. In short it left me a better global citizen with an awareness of why I do what I do and the ability to modify my behaviors if I honestly want to.

The staff is nothing short of awesome. From the meals (thanks Dave, who by the way is a trained gourmet chef) to the accommodations, to the instructors, you immediately feel like you are part of the family, living in a home with great people in a warm and supportive environment that allows you to comfortably sort yourself out. They are right to call it a retreat, not a rehab, because it is more about teaching you how to live and be a better human than about convincing you are weak and powerless. I have been home for a month now and have been in numerous social settings with people drinking and have not once felt compelled to drink. I simply choose not to at this point. And that’s the best part- there is no illusion that you can never drink again (but studies show about 50% of the people choose not to) but once they teach you the facts about drinking you are empowered to intelligently choose what you want to do.

I want to thank everyone there from Mark, Michelle, Steve (the authors and instructors) to everyone else who helped me during my stay. I can’t say enough great things about this experience. It was nothing short of life changing!

You can do this if you want to change and the Freedom Model is the key to a healthier, happier, and more balanced life- I promise you that.”


“As a past counselor, I received this book as the result of a call into Saint Jude Retreats inquiring about your non-12 step retreats. I had heard that you all created that model, and I was intrigued. However, I called also to debate in favor of the disease model, as I spent 4 years in college being taught that model. As a result my mind was almost nearly closed off to any other method. I spoke with Michelle Dunbar, and she was smart enough not to debate over the phone. Instead, she asked if I wanted a pre-published draft of the Freedom Model (this was just before it was available to the public). I said yes, and I’m glad I did! I was absolutely blown away by the straight forward facts, the research, the level of writing, and the common sense I was reading when I got it. I’m not being dramatic here; if you read this book, you will get over a drinking or drug problem, and you will realize that what we are all being fed regarding the brain disease is a flat out lie. It’s that simple. I’m impressed.”

“I’ve read a lot of books on addiction and I never felt comfortable with the message they were giving me. I was so tired of the, “you’re powerless” line. This book was what I needed to read! I wish I had this in my hands years ago before I spent thousands on rehab and wasted all that time feeling outcast and screwed up. My gut was telling me all along that the counselors were wrong – and now I have the proof! They are wrong! I’m not diseased, powerless, or any of that c$%p! I can now move forward like it says I can- without guilt, shame, or labels. Thank you for writing this.”

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