The Only True Alternative to Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Treatment in Centers in NYC

Escape The Addiction and Recovery Trap with
The Most Revolutionary Approach To Moving Past Addiction and Recovery

 The Freedom Model For Addictions

New York City’s Non-Treatment Alternative to Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers.

Learn how to build a stable, sober, happy and productive life, without having to attend a drug and alcohol residential treatment center, or an outpatient treatment clinic.


Move Past Addiction Easily

Are you tired of going to drug and alcohol outpatient programs?

Realize Addiction IS NOT a Disease

Do you find AA or NA 12-step support meetings to be ineffective and a negative experience?

Understand that You Do Not Need Treatment

Are you looking for a non-12 step program that can help you find a solution to your alcohol and drug problems while you remain working and active with your family obligations?

The Key to Freedom From Addiction

Stanton Peele


 “Steven Slate, Mark Scheeren and Michelle Dunbar have created an indispensable guide through the labyrinth of claims about the nature of addiction to explain how this understanding leads to resolution of addiction and to overcoming it. Indeed, their thoroughly grounded scientific exploration of “the meaning of addiction” IS the basis for such personal resolution. To know that your enemy is not only your addiction, but, more importantly, how you think of it, is the key to freedom from addiction. And no volume in the world can put you in a better position for this resolution than The Freedom Model.

No Program Is This Motivational Remarkable

Peter Venturelli


“The Freedom Model is remarkable in that it provides information specifically designed for self-directed change. In going through the educational process, each person gains knowledge and the information necessary to move past the addiction and recovery constructs. Essentially, they are freed from both! They are then able to face any future struggles with confidence, strength, and hope for a better future.”

Truly a Genuine 


“The Freedom Model is well aligned with Positive Psychology and Neuropsychology, each offering dramatically new and promising possibilities for rewarding personal change. These exciting developments consistently emphasize neuroplastic qualities of the human brain and our immense capacity for adaptability and creativity. We are always changing, making the opportunity for positive personal growth a genuine alternative at any moment in our life.

It is our opportunity to define what is right for ourselves.… Would we want it any other way?”

Drug & Alcohol Outpatient Treatment Doesn’t Work…


We have have  been helping people overcome drug and alcohol issues for more than 28 years. We have now expanded our program series to offer an alternative to Outpatient Clinics in New York City and the surrounding area. The Freedom Model New York City answers the call for a convenient and effective alternative to disease based drug and alcohol outpatient programs by offering our proven successful methods that were perfected at our retreats over the last 28 years. You can learn an entirely new way to live your life without the encumbrances of endless support meetings or therapies or needing to “go to rehab.”

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