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I’ve been shooting Crystal Meth for years now. It’s been so long since I dreamed of better days that I cannot even remember what life was like before I was getting high. Please help me.

We can help you. Believe it or not, your situation is far from hopeless. As a matter of fact, the probability that you will get over this problem is extremely high. Of course you won’t hear that on the web, or at rehab, because they cannot make money if you believe and know you can move past your crystal meth addiction. So instead, they scare you into temporary abstinence, that eventually fades, and you return to treatment. That is how the treatment system makes money. So let us break that trap! Dreaming of better days matters! The first step to moving past addiction, treatment, and recovery is to believe you can be free.The Freedom Model for Addictions will guide you, piece by piece by piece out of the trap you currently find yourself in. We will help you get there! Just read this small section from The Freedom Model and you’ll be able to see that this approach is well researched and filled with common sense and hope:

“Dreaming matters. You will move in the direction where you see the greatest potential for happiness. Part of the difficulty in making this choice to see greater happiness comes from the myths of addiction, yet we’ve done away with those myths throughout the book. Some of the most damaging myths follow:

  1. You will forever desire substances, so you will face a lifetime of fighting this desire. We did away with this myth in Chapter 1 and Appendix C, showing you that far from being chronic, heavy substance use is a problem that well over 90% of people move beyond.
  2. Your other life problems will keep pushing you uncontrollably back to heavy substance use. This myth was reviewed in Chapter 7. The problems you’ve been taught to connect causally to heavy substance use are, in fact, common problems that most people face without feeling compelled to use substances. The recovery society and treatment professionals have latched onto these problems because they don’t know how to directly help people to change their substance use choices. They’ve complicated the issue. You can let go of these connections and simplify your substance use choices by recognizing that “addicts” aren’t unique in having such problems, and substance use doesn’t solve them.
  3. “Natural rewards” and other pleasures won’t do anything for you now that you’ve destroyed your pleasure center with substance use. This is pure hogwash.

If it were impossible to experience pleasure after a period of “addiction”, then how do more than 90% of people leave these patterns of substance use behind permanently? How do the majority of them do it in their twenties and thirties when they have a whole lifetime ahead of them? If it were a lifetime of misery, they’d surely “relapse” – yet they don’t. (see Chapter 1 and Appendix C) We have witnessed most of our retreat guests having fun and enjoying themselves within days or weeks of being substance free.”



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