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I use alcohol to relieve my emotional pain. I just went through a divorce and now I’m drinking a lot of wine and then I use Xanax to sleep. It’s become a vicious cycle. How do you guys fix these issues?

The answer is a bit complex because your question has some misconceptions mixed into it that need to be clarified first. For example, alcohol cannot, in reality, relieve emotional pain. This fact is covered in great detail and length in The Freedom Model for Addictions. So much so, that it would be difficult to answer that question in detail here in just a few paragraphs. Also, The Freedom Model cannot “fix” you, as any fixing must be accomplished by the individual. So, in essence, The Freedom Model helps people understand that they are capable of change, and that they themselves have the natural ability to create the necessary changes. To get a taste of how the text discusses the “relief from emotional pain through alcohol” subject, read the brief excerpt below. While this does not cover the entire topic by any means, you will see that it is a fresh approach, and that there is a way out of using Xanax and alcohol as a solution to your divorce and subsequent emotional pain:

“Remember what you’ve learned about substance effects throughout this book because that is one of the most powerful pieces of information that nobody else will give you. Our pharmacology-obsessed culture portrays substances as magical elixirs with all manner of benefits that are just too good to be true. When you believe in these magical powers, you give the heavy substance use option far more weight than it deserves, and your view of the options is distorted by falsehoods. Let’s briefly review the truth about substances.

Substances don’t relieve emotional pain: Although they can alter some of the physical symptoms that are experienced from emotional pain, they can never change the emotions because emotions are a cognitive product, a result of how we judge the conditions of our life. At best, intoxication can be used as a distraction from negative circumstances and events that we’d rather not focus on, but anything could be used this way. Thus, the substances aren’t relieving your emotional pain by any special pharmacological power.”



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