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In this episode of The Addiction Solution Podcast, we discuss the Motivations behind why people choose to use drugs and alcohol in excess, but yet say “I Hate getting Drunk” so why do I keep doing it.  It boils down to the reasons and motivations behind why someone chooses to use drugs in the first place, which is because it brings them happiness. Listen as we discuss this topic in detail on our latest podcast!



  1. I

    How do you deal with cravings?

  2. Mellow

    I hate drinking cause being drunk is a different experience for me. I am goofy while I’m tipsy but once I get drunk to the point I cant walk straight I start hating being drunk. I will start wanting to gain back the control, but I can’t cause I still have alcohol in my system. I feel stuck in my body.

    Luckily the last time this happened I passed out and woke up sober, I don’t remember even having a hang over cause I was so caught up in how I hated the experience.

    People think it’s bazaar.

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