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How Do I Resist Craving?

To answer your question, you must first understand what a craving is from a logical standpoint. The Freedom Model for Addictions addresses this:

“You don’t get cravings; rather, you actively crave, so no resistance is needed since it is something you choose or don’t choose to engage in.”

Recovery ideology has renamed wanting substances as “getting powerful cravings.” This language distorts what’s happening when a person wants to use a substance or even thinks about a substance. It leads people to believe that there is an objective force called a craving that they “get” or that otherwise happens to them. This mythical craving then becomes something to fight, resist, or prevent by some complicated means. Seen this way, it becomes something that requires strength and support or a special coping technique to overcome or resist.

The truth is that craving isn’t a thing or a force; it’s an activity that you choose to do. You actively engage in craving by thinking in some way A drink/drug would feel good right now. It feels “stronger” when your thought amounts to I need a drink/drug right now. And there are various shades of wanting between these extremes. To crave is to actively think that using is the preferable option. So, like quitting, dealing with cravings is a zero-step process once you know what you want. When you change your perception of substance use and see using less or none as your preferred option, then craving will no longer be an issue because you won’t be thinking I really need a drink/drug right now.”


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