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Do sedatives or downers or heroin relieve stress?

In a word, no. Drugs affect the physical body and physical brain, but they do not change a person’s motivation or the content of their thoughts. This idea that drugs change what you think is a massive myth in our recovery-centered society. The Freedom Model for Addictions explains this in the following paragraph:

“One theory on how sedatives and downers relieve stress and anxiety is that they slow down the brain to a point where you can barely think. If you can’t think, then you can’t think stressful thoughts, right? It makes enough sense, yet it’s commonplace to see extremely intoxicated people getting angry, depressed, agitated, sad, and stressed. There may be little cognitive activity happening when someone is extremely intoxicated on alcohol, prescription sedatives, or opiates, yet their brainpower can still be used to think negative thoughts. Drugs may significantly decrease your brain activity, yet they still do not dictate the content of your thoughts. While conscious, people are always thinking.”



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