Average Cost of Treatment in the United States

2018 Treatment Center Survey


Treatment Center Survey 2018 (Cost, Treatment Modality, Location, Insurance)


Treatment Center Cost Survey 2018The Baldwin Research Institute’s 2018 Treatment Center Survey looked at just over 250 centers providing residential treatment services in addition to other treatment related services and used this information to construct a database with cost, insurance, location, treatment modalities, and treatment philosophies as factors for comparison. The initial interest was to provide information on the costs of residential treatment programs on a daily and weekly basis but cost alone is a poor factor without related information compiled to provide context for the results.

The “In Network” category refers to whether a facility is considered an in-network provider for any insurance company. If so, the health insurance provider was named. A designation of “None” in this category doesn’t mean the treatment provider doesn’t accept insurance. A facility may be able to accept insurance as an out of network provider, resulting in the client/patient bearing more of the total cost, or it may mean the facility is private pay only.

All the prices provided are based on cash payment rate for services and not on any insurance negotiated rates. Each program has a daily cost and a 30-day monthly cost calculated. Some centers had programs based on a 28-30 day stay and others extended to 60, 90 days, and far beyond so a daily and monthly rate at 30 days was calculated to make fair comparisons.

The Philosophy category refers to the core foundation and principles employed by a treatment center in their addiction treatment. The main types were grouped as 12 Step, 12 Step Mixed, Non 12 Step, Smart Recovery,  Medical/Clinical, Alternative/Holistic, Faith-Based, and Wilderness Program. By a wide margin, the most common types encountered were 12 Step, 12 Step Mixed, and Alternative/Holistic. 12 Step Mixed seems to be a hybrid of 12 Step with other principles that varied by centers. Alternative/Holistic included a combination of many different philosophies amongst centers. Closely related to Philosophy is the Modalities category, which provides specific therapies and services, employed by treatment centers in providing addiction help.

AVG Cost of Addiction Treatment Per 28 Days

2018 Treatment Center Survey

Facility, Location, Cost, and Insurance Information


Treatment Modalities
ABA – Appplied Behavioral Analysis
ADV Adventure Therapy
AET – Animal Equine Therapy
ALP Alpha-Stimulation
AQ – Aquatic Therapy
ARM Aromatherapy
AS – Alumni Support
AT – Art Therapy
BFB – Biofeedback
BW – Breath Work
CBR Core Belief Restructuring
CBT – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
COP- Couples Therapy
CPT – Chronic Pain Therapy
DAT- Depression/Anxiety Therapy
DBT – Dialectical Behavior Therapy
DT – Dance Therapy
EH – Energy Healing
ER – Eating Recovery
EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
EXT Experiential Therapy
FAM – Family Therapy
FB – Faith-Based
GRP – Group Therapy
HOT Horticulture Therapy
HYP – Hypnotherapy
IND – Individual Therapy
MBD/CT – Mindfulness-Based Dialectical/Cognitive Therapy
MBSR – Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
MOT- Motivational Treatment
MT- Music Therapy
NC – Nutritional Counseling
NFB Neural Feedback
ONT – Outdoor Nature Therapy
PSY – Psychotherapy
REBT – Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy
RKT Reiki Therapy
RPT – Relapse Prevention Therapy
SCH Schema Therapy
SP – Spiritual Psychology
TIC Trauma Informed Care
TMS – Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy
TT – Trauma Therapy
VMA Vitamin Mineral Amino Acid Therapy
12S – 12 Step
12SM – 12 Step Mixed
A/H – Alternative/Holistic
FB – Faith-Based
M/C – Medical/Clinical
N12S – Non 12 Step
SR – SMART Recovery
WP – Wilderness Program

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