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We’re Not Giving You Permission to Keep Getting Wasted

by | Oct 12, 2018 | Audio/Video, The Addiction Solution Podcast

There have been a few questions and comments from people who seem to have a serious misunderstanding of The Freedom Model and the information we provide. What all of these people have in common is years of exposure to 12 step methodology and treatment. Whether they admit it or not, they have all taken on the addict or alcoholic identity. This results in a way of thinking that is entirely counter to freedom.

When people are seeking help once again, they are looking for someone to tell them what to do because that is the purpose of treatment. Even when they are seeking an alternative and contact The Freedom Model, they are still looking for someone or some program to fix them from the outside. After years in treatment and/or recovery, they’ve come to believe they are unable to control themselves so they believe others must direct their lives. Unfortunately this never works. There is no program or treatment that can fix you.

With this expectation and desire to be led — to be told what they should do, these people then read The Freedom Model with that lens. And while The Freedom Model never gives advice or direction, because that is what they expect to see, they interpret what they are reading in that way. In this podcast we would like to clear up that issue, and talk to you about what The Freedom Model says and doesn’t say and how it can help you to change your life.


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    Roughly how much is the personal coaching please?

    I am based in the UK.


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