I became a fan of Dr Steve Orma’s work when I read a critique he did on Alcoholics Anonymous for the Examiner.com.  Through reading his other blogs, I realized he had the kind of straightforward and rational views towards humanity that I agree with whole-heartedly.  He’s a full fledged clinical psychologist who doesn’t seem to go with the flow of the standard view of addiction, which is a rarity.  He also seems to be a maverick on some other issues within the psychology world.  Even though he’s not an addiction specialist, if I were dealing with a substance use problem, I would probably want to talk to someone like him.  He specializes in anxiety and stress related issues – the very issues which people often use drugs and alcohol to cope with.

I just found out that he launched a new website, and I think it’s definitely worth a visit.  It’s called StressBytes, it’s got an informative blog, and he offers personal advice on dealing with stress via email through the site.  Check it out: Stressbytes

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