The Complete Addiction Solution Program

You CAN Solve Your Addiction and MOVE ON!

The Effective Alternative to Addiction Rehab and Treatment!


Heres How it Works:

So what is the The Complete Addiction Solution? It starts with Starts with the Revolutionary 2-Day Addiction Solution Workshop coupled with a year of follow-up to apply the lessons and research learned. No more need for 12 step meetings, no more endless recovery, no more feeling deprived or depressed, no more need for rehabs or sober living or an endless MAT lifestyle. Instead, you are provided the solution to a substance use problem and a path to move on with your life!

The Complete Addiction Solution Program includes:

  • Starts with our comprehensive, in-person 2-Day Addiction Solution Workshop: An intensive workshop limited to just 4 students to ensure privacy and personalized instruction. You will learn the entire Freedom Model curriculum in two days!
  • Followed up with 3 completely private one-on-one coaching sessions via Zoom, Facetime, etc.
  • You’ll receive a full year membership to The Freedom Model Online Program: more than 100 detailed video tutorials that break down each concept in The Freedom Model curriculum, with new lessons added each month.
  • Includes monthly 2-hour live group coaching sessions with the Freedom Model Founders, Mark Scheeren and Michelle Dunbar.
  • Backed by our exclusive Guarantee

It’s the Right Information: The Freedom Model Complete Addiction Solution Program provides necessary information in a concise and compassionate method that is totally private and personalized to fit the needs and learning style of the individual. The Complete Addiction Solution Program includes differentiated teaching through reading, video, audio and visual presentations, and one-on-one private coaching! 

It provides the Time You Need to Solve Your Problem: The Freedom Model Complete Addiction Solution Program provides the necessary information coupled with a year of tutorials and coaching to guide profound growth and personal change!

And Yes, it is Affordable: At $7,500 the Freedom Model Complete Addiction Solution Program provides all of this for one full year, for less cost than a single week of traditional treatment!

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