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Questioning Drug Effects and the License to Misbehave

by | Sep 21, 2018 | Audio/Video, The Addiction Solution Podcast

People have all sorts of beliefs about the powers of substances: to make them more outgoing and fun, relax them, and to pick them up when they’re down. And many people will allow drunk or high people to behave in ways they would never allow someone who is sober. They do this because of what is called the license to misbehave. The question is, do substances actually have the power to make you relax and turn a bad mood into a good one? Does alcohol make people relaxed and funny or does it make them angry and violent? Does heroin relieve emotional pain and help people to deal with trauma? Does cocaine make you smarter and more insightful, or does it make you aggressive and hostile? Today all three Freedom Model authors challenge the supposed magical powers of substances and expose the license to misbehave.


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