“Our Lives Are a Sum Total of the Choices We Have Made.


Matthew Sparks
Certified Freedom Model Coach

Matthew Sparks joined The Freedom Model team 2021 and was trained and certified to be a Freedom Model coach. Hailing originally from south Louisiana, Matthew would eventually wind up in Austin, Texas in a 12-Step-based sober living program in 2017, following 30 days of inpatient treatment. Having tried and failed for years to “recover” using 12-Step methods, he became absolutely determined to discover another way to move beyond his problems with drug use. Devouring every bit of literature on addiction he could find, scientific and otherwise, he finally happened upon The Freedom Model in early 2018 and was happily and permanently freed from the bonds of addiction and recovery. Matthew has since gone on to obtain a degree in behavioral neuroscience from Saint Edward’s University in Austin, Texas. Matthew hopes to marry his personal experience and scientific education to change how drug use is spoken about, treated, and regulated. In his spare time he loves keeping up with developing research on all things pertaining to drugs and their usage, nutrition and fitness, and playing guitar and drums.

~ To Be Free is To Be in Control ~
It is time to let go of past struggles, recovery, and treatment
It is time for you to take off

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