There’s a fantastic must-read post over at the Stinkin-Thinkin blog right now by blogger FriendTheGirl.  She tackles the meaning of and reaction to a piece from about a heroin user who transitioned to moderate substance use by switching to marijuana.  I love it because it goes into depth about what goes on in every successful “recovery.”  A message I’m constantly working to get out around here is that the 12-step/disease/abstinence way of dealing with a substance use problem is definitely not the only way of dealing.  Addiction is a choice, and whatever helps people to make the choice to leave harmful substance use patterns in the past, and move on with their lives is a good thing.  Beliefs which keep people from making their own choices and setting their own goals for change are bad things.  Read this post, maybe it will expand your mind…

How Tony O’Neill Did It

The Freedom Model For Addictions
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