Financial Abuse – Ponzi Schemes In AA 12 Step Groups

The dangers of being involved in Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12 step groups are numerous.  On this site, you’ll find me constantly railing against their self-defeating philosophies and methods, but elsewhere, people are keeping track of the other dangers....

Portugal’s Drug Decriminalization Seems To Be Working

A new study examines the state of addiction in Portugal, and whether their massive decriminalization of drugs in 2001 has helped or hurt.  Maia Szalavitz (one of the best reporters covering addiction news) examines the study in her latest article for Time Magazine...

That’s Impossible! – Jason Donovan

Jason Donovan is an actor and singer who starred in the popular Australian series Neighbors, the UK tour of The Rocky Horror, and sold millions of records.  Back in the 90’s he had a nasty substance abuse problem which led to him leaving a party for Kate Moss in...
The Freedom Model For Addictions
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