Living Up To The Hype – Harvard & The Social Network

One prevailing theme of this blog is that, in regard to choices about substance use, what goes on in the mind (in the way of thoughts and beliefs) is profoundly more significant than any supposed gene or other biological factor associated with “addiction”....

Feelings & Realities

Remember how you felt back when your high school sweetheart broke up with you?  Did it feel like the end of the world?  Did it feel like you would be alone for the rest of your life?  Did it feel like no one would ever love you again? For many people, those feelings...

Comparing Apples to Melons – Four Loko

The February issue of the NIAAA Spectrum, boasts that their research was used by the FDA to crack down on the makers of alcoholic energy drinks such as Four Loko.  The way they present the information in this piece is instructive of the basic intellectual dishonesty...
The Freedom Model For Addictions
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