There’s a great article discussing everything from the drug war & legalization to the brain disease model of addiction on the Mises Institute site.  Here’s an excerpt, check it out:

When people take drugs, their brain functioning changes. When they have sex, cuddle their toddler, or eat chocolate, similar changes occur in the same brain centers. Do changes in the brain tell us anything about the person’s behavior or its motivation? Hardly. Can we draw conclusions about whether the connubially preoccupied is addicted to sex from the fact that certain centers in the brain–the very same centers that react when drugs are taken–perk up when said individual has sex? Of course not. When people recover from addiction–by any means at all–their brain functioning changes once again. This does not amount to saying that addiction is organic or biological in the sense that appendicitis or diabetes is.

Everything we do involves our brains, and brains alter their physical structure and functioning in response to the environment. We could just as well say that learning French is a biological accomplishment, though most of us would rather call it an intellectual achievement

Addicted To The Drug War, by Illana Mercer

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